Downgrading from current iOS verison

ST should just add prior versions to the Downloads area, with instructions for how to back out of a newer version if need be.

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I don’t think it works that way. I think when you download from the AppStore it codes your AppleID into the ipa file.
I would love to wrong about this but I don’t think I am :slight_smile:

Now that you mention it… Otherwise we could give away apps.

Exactly what Apple thinks :smile:

Yep. It’s not possible to trade apps in the IOS ecosystem.

Read the EULAs.

You are granted a limited, non-transferable License.

IOS is a “walled garden.” To avoid malware, you can only get the app from the trusted source, the app store itself. And what you get is a right to use it, under your Apple ID, not your own copy.

Yes, some people jailbreak their Apple devices to tear down the walls to the garden.

Having spent all too many hours in my life dealing with malware of various types, these days I value the walled garden environment. It’s a personal choice. :blush:

But having decided to make the mobile apps available through the App Store, I’m not sure smartthings is allowed by contract to then offer it separately from a different site.

I know: “android people do things differently.”

It’s certainly still possible to have multiple versions of an app available in the app store, as long as they have different functionality and are identified with different names. Like “lite” and “pro.” As I mentioned, that’s how some software developers are addressing the iPad 2 issues.

It works just fine on Android. APK’s are indeed restricted to your User ID, but ONLY for PAID apps. Free apps (such as SmartThings, doh!) can be “sideloaded” onto any Android device if the user chooses to allow non-Play Store apps on their devices. It is advisable to be running an anti-virus program, of course, if you are in the habit of installing apps from non-trusted sources. SmartThings could provide a trusted download source for APK’s along with MD5 hashes for validation.

If Apple doesn’t have such options, well then, then I guess some of the folks in this thread are experiencing one of the drawbacks to Apple’s “walled garden” (a “prison” by any other name is not necessarily a “garden”… :speak_no_evil:). Personally, and speaking for myself alone, I avoid putting myself inside such walls.

I feared for a second I was drifting off Topic – but the Topic is, after all, the ability to downgrade one’s own applications on one’s own iOS devices.

You are not the only crazy one. I backup both my android and ios as well but as mentioned above you can’t share ios apps unless it’s jail break. Lesson learn for us all is to backup before trying out any ST app :wink:

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I have not liked the new update. I get a nice background and the app never loads every other time I open the app. I have to close out completely the app and then reopen it to get ST to load the dashboard. It is getting pretty annoying.

Should be fixed with todays update…

Q: is that with 1.7.2? or 1.71?

I just got done downloading 1.7.2, so it was in 1.7.1 that it was happening. I will give it a couple days to see if it happens or not. It was annoying though.

I just downloaded 1.7.2 onto my wife’s iPhone 5s, and ST reports she has just left home for the first time in 8 days.


I have the same issue. It doesn’t know when I leave or come back anymore. When I open up the smartthings app that is the only time it updates, If the app opens at all.

Yeah, I do and have noticed that with my phone and my wife’s phone. I had to have my wife open up ST app to know that she was finally home.

My wife’s phone did not report her leaving home this morning. But that’s because she left the phone at home.

JK. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well, I have been noticing lately as well, that I have been out of the area and far from my house and maybe an hour goes by till it finally recognizes my wife or I gone.

If you’re tech savvy and follow this guide:

and “811671712” is your magic number. Just did it, it worked, now running 1.6.8 on my iPhone.

Edit: and this should be obvious but TURN OF AUTO APP UPDATES! Or you’ll undo your efforts pretty quickly.

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