Downgrade ZWAVE_S2 to ZWAVE_S0

I am trying to associate a qubino flush 1 relay switch to trigger a fibaro wall plug. I understand that these use different network protocols. qubino flush 1 relay is S0 and fibaro wall plug is S2. Altough they are both unsecure, they can not communicate.

Is there any command or configuration for the fibaro wall plug so that is doesn’t use S2, and it uses S0. As far as I understand, hardware supports both.

wall plug


A few notes:

  • S2_FAILED means that it tried to go S2 but didn’t succeed and was joined with no security.
  • S0 should be avoided at all costs, unless its an edge security device like a door lock that only supports S0. S0 transmits 3x the data than no security or S2, its super chatty and a sad time will be had by all.
  • As you said, to associate two devices they need to be at the same security level. With these two, you’re going to want to do no security.

When you include the devices with the hub, use -Scan Local. When asked to complete secure setup (by scanning bar code or entering DSK), then just cancel out. The device will fall back to no security.

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I think the problem is, the wall switch only supports S0, so i got to switch

I have to respectfully disagree with this. If it were true, there wouldn’t be any Z wave devices now, because all zwave devices originally used S0 security, except for door locks, which used something different. So everyone would’ve hated zwave and it would’ve died way back in 2017.

S2 is certainly a better security protocol, and one of the ways in which it is better is sending fewer messages to cover the same amount of information. But that doesn’t mean S0 is terrible. It just means S2 is better.

Submitted with respect.

I’m not disagreeing that S0 sends three times as many messages as S2: it does. But those are mostly little tiny messages, like a light switch, saying “I just turned on.“ And they were originally intended for devices that sent messages infrequently, again, like a light switch. So you have six tiny messages on your network in a day instead of two. It’s just not a big deal in most setups. So the part I’m disagreeing with is the “a sad time will be had by all.” Most of the time humans won’t even notice.
The main issue from an engineering standpoint is the devices using. S2 will typically have better battery life than S0, say 14 months instead of 12.
Engineers got around this by using bigger batteries, which is why Z wave motion sensors were typically bigger than Zigbee motion sensors until the most recent generation. Zigbee had better power management. But now zwave S2 sends fewer messages, so it needs less battery power, so it can be made in smaller cases.
That’s certainly a benefit to the end-user, but it’s again one of those “ the new one is better“ not “the old one was terrible.“

That was my attempt at humour. I realize that S0 is not the end of the world and I didn’t say it was bad. The joke is that a mesh can not experience emotions so it’s “funny” to say it’s sad.

My point was given the choice of putting devices that need to be associated (possibly multiples) at the same security level, I would choose no security over the potential downsides of adding S0 to the mix. Those qubino devices support power reporting, all of which can up the traffic as well.