Double/Triple Tap for Inovelli Black?

I have a dozen or so Z-wave dimmer switches. Most are Inovelli “Black Series,” but a few are Ultrapro. The Inovelli switches use a driver provided by Inovell, and the Ultrapro switches use a driver for “GE/Jasco/Honeywell/Ultrapro switches.”

Just recently I noticed that my Ultrapro switches have a very nice feature that the Inovelli switches don’t: double and triple presses can be used in routines.

I’m now wondering why the Inovelli switches don’t have this feature, as I wish they did. It’s not clear to me if it’s purely a limitation due to the driver, and something that Inovelli could add, or if it’s a limitation inherent to the device itself. Anyone know? Does it make sense to hold out hope?

Knowing the specific model or mfg code (fingerprint) would help.

You could try the Z-Wave switch driver from @philh30 to see if it makes a difference. There are also a number of Inovelli device fingerprints in the stock driver as well.

I don’t know the specifics of this device, but I would think that the manufacturer would provide a full featured driver for its devices. But, you never know.

The Black series switches do not have Scene control, which is what multiple button press actions (up 2x, down 3x) require. The Red series have those features.

There were some basic scene features added to the black series at firmware 1.47 but the ST drivers don’t support those.


I’d bet the Inovelli driver supports them but has the functionality locked down based on the firmware version.

My black series are all 1.47 or later and the profile doesn’t appear to offer them. I thought maybe it would change based on if you have parameter 51 enabled/disabled but no.

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Sounds like incentive to upgrade to the new Reds

Or the Blue 2-1’s if you’re into Zigbee or soon to be Matter.

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Thank you all for the input!

I was indeed aware that the Red Series from Inovelli had additional features along these lines, but upon seeing that the Ultrapro switches had it, I started to wonder if another driver could make it available for my Black Series switches.

It’s an attractive feature, but not so attractive that I’d replace switches to get it. And, if I add more switches, I’d be inclined to go with the Ultrapros. One nice thing about the Black Series from Inovelli is that they can work without a neutral, and that’s been nice for a couple locations in my house. With a neutral, however, it seems that the Ultrpros are a better choice for how I use them. I don’t mean that as a dig at Inovelli… just an acknowledgment that, to my surprise, the Ultrapros have a more attractive feature set for how I’m using them.

I may spend some time seeing if I can get a different driver, such as suggested by h0ckeysk8er, but it doesn’t seem as though the fingerprint for the versions I have is supported by the stock driver, as no other options show up by default when I look at drivers.

In any event, this is not a critical issue.

Thank you all again!

Unfortunately a driver can’t make it available because the device itself isn’t reporting the button presses/taps.

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Just so you’re aware if you do wind up getting more of the Black series Gen 2 Inovellis, only the Black Dimmer, LZW31, can work with out a neutral. The Black Switch, LZW30, needs a neutral. (Same thing for the Gen2 Reds, the switch needs a neutral whereas the dimmer does not.)

Sorry for being so late in acknowledging this, but thanks for adding this important clarification.

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