Double socket shows as one in Google Home with Edge driver

Since my double wall sockets moved to the new Edge drivers i’ve noticed that they appear as one tile in ST and on entering the tile there are two switches to toggle…this is fine as ST understands this and I can create automatons/scenes that work with the individual sockets.

However I use GH (Google Home) for voice commands and some routines with devices that aren’t supported in ST and this switch only shows as a single device to GH meaning i can’t individually control the 2 sockets…is there a way to revert this page to two separate devices as they appear using the DTH system?

If i go into the device on the ST app and look for other drivers none show up.

This is currently an issue with all edge drivers. :disappointed_relieved: Very annoying! It has been reported for over a year by Beta users, but the only official response is that they’re aware of it.

The unofficial workaround is to create a virtual device for each component and use routines to keep them in sync. Then access the virtual devices in the voice assistant and other thirdparty integrations. It’s a lot of work, but it does solve the problem.

There are several community-created edge drivers for virtual devices. You can find them on the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki. Look for the list of Virtual Devices.

Here is one of several discussion threads on the topic.

[ST Edge] Issues with multi-component devices and third-party integrations

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Thanks for the fast reply…really useful. Will try your suggestion. :slight_smile:

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