Double check execution

I’m not entirely sure where to post this, either core or smartapps? But my question is is it possible for smartthings either via core or otherwise to double check that a routine ran correctly and then adjust if needed. On my scenario I have hue lights that switch on at sunset, usually it’s fine but now and then one light won’t come on and I have to do it manually. The mesh is fine and I’ve done all the troubleshooting I can think of but what would really help is if there was an option to double check a routine 60 seconds after execution and rectify any errors.
Is this possible?

That’s what this app does, it acts like backup for routines and corrects any missing actions (which can happen due to various reasons from timeouts to mesh issues).

Does that smartapp require a mode change? That’s currently not part of all my routines just some.

Right now yes but you can make an enhancement request to have it work with just routines without a mode change

This app can do what you’re looking for, it’s designed to detect routine executions and verify of the actions were completed and if not, complete them for you. It also features a delayed verification option: