Doors Sensors Option in Automation "When Things Quiet Down"?

Question. I would like to have ST automatically perform to have certain hue lights turn on to 100% when certain doors open and then have the lights dim back down (to like 30%) after those door(s) closes.

I would like this to only happen between certain times (like between sunset and sunrise), kind of like how you can choose the time in when “Things Quiet Down”… unfortunately it seems like you can only select motion sensors in that option and not door sensors…

Is there a way to add the door sensors as an option in that area or can the developers add that option?

So for example I would like this: Say at 10:00pm “Door 1” opens, “Light 1” brightens to “100%”… then after “Door 1” closes and has stayed closed for “60 minutes” dim “Light 1” to “30%”… and so forth…

“When things quiet down” depends on the sensor sending an inactivity report, which motion sensors do and open/close sensors don’t.

You can do just what you describe, and much more, with core. :sunglasses:

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Thank you. I will look into… newbie still learning things… :wink:

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