Doorbell in UK

That’s what I thought. Bummer. Maybe I can create a virtual one without needing the fingerprint.

I’m desperate to see if I can use it as a doorbell, but at the moment I can’t get the virtual device to work online

If it’s a device to anyone else is already using, there may be a published device type that has the fingerprint. You can look in the IDE or get help if it’s a device to anyone else is already using, it may be a published device type that has the fingerprint. You can look in the IDE or git hub.

Also try asking the following forum topic:

I’ve just dug up the manual for the panic button, it looks like to activate it, you need to hold it down.
Not ideal for a doorbell!

I can’t believe there isn’t just a single, physical button for Z-Wave

Hi @ghesp, There are zwave buttons that works to send an event to smarthings, you can do whatever with the event, you can send an alert to your smartphone, play a sound, tun on a lamp or a classic dorbell connected to an appliance switch, I dont know if those zwave buttons works with UK standard, but you can search something like there are other similar

I think this is half of the problem. These devices are US frequencies and not UK frequencies. I can’t find anything that acts as a push button anywhere (that can be run off batteries)

There are button devices coming from several manufacturers, but they are not here yet.

See the following topic:

I have a Aetoc Panic button which triggers a sonos speaker, it has been working quite well so far

I’m also interested in ring. Unfortunately, a big problem with it (reading from various reviews) for UK / EU is with its exposure to the elements leading to corrosion internally. Having the ‘gasket’ means it’s rather difficult to slide the unit into the base.

Edit: there’s DoorBird, which is made in Germany. It’s weather certified (can’t remember which standard) but pricey.

I don’t have a lot of time for anything these days but did do some brainstorming recently for something similar. I found this guide which gave me some ideas:

Z-Wave Easy Button @instructables

Obviously, I’m not recommending you take the device apart or use an “Easy Button” but you could rig it with a more traditional outdoor “doorbell” switch…

In fact, you can probably get away with using the mentioned monoprice device as is and just wire up the switch to its internal wire terminals. However, you’ll have to create/modify a custom device type to get it working…

Also, I found out that the monoprice z-wave device mentioned in the guide can be obtained in the UK under a different guise e.g. Zipato @AmazonUK

I spoke to an Aeotec rep at ISE and apparently the Doorbell is being released in the UK around June time!

Would it not be possible to do something mechanical with a vibration sensor? Put in a (plastic!) waterproof box, and arrange for it to move when it is pressed?

Hey freelancemark, can you explain how you were able to do this? I just purchased a SONOS Play 1 SOLEY for this purpose hahah. I can’t find a smartapp which will play a specific song (doorbell sound) when acceleration is detected on my Front Door’s SmartThings Multisensor, only apps which will do things such as play, stop, toggle play/stop, next track, etc.

Thanks for your help!!

Not a direct reply but in-case anyone else was considering it just today I’ve switched from using a Fibaro contact sensor with a normal doorbell wired to it (and triggering a sonos on contact close) to using Ring (which is now on Amazon UK). This worked without fail, very easy unfortunately my frontdoor cam broke and instead of replacing just it I went for a Ring.

I’ve had to use IFFTT to trigger on/off switches within Smartthings to keep some of the automation (such as Sonos alerts etc) but seems to be working quite well so far.

TOp SmartApps
SMartThings Labs
Customer MEssage


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Is there really still no option for a doorbell in the UK that is on the compatible list for Smartthings?!

Would have thought the use case for one needs no explanation!

Or is it down to hashing your own together?

Hi Chris

how did you set up the Ring to work with Smartthings - which type of device do you choose during adding a thing to Smart Things?

What Smart Apps do you use with it?


Hi Richard,

I’m afraid I’ve just left it as a IFTTT item where if pressed the IFTTT channel sets a virtual switch to Yes. I have it alert me via Sonos and flicker a couple lights in the house to get my attention.

Great device, little lagged in letting me know it’s rung but people don’t seem to mind waiting a minute for me to answer.


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That’s useful thanks.

I don’t have a multipurpose sensor so am not familiar with how you can set it up within a rule but interested in how you isolate a door knock from the opening and closing of the door as wouldnt want the doorbell sound every time someone comes and goes?

you could buy a door sensor and stick the two components on the same panel, they would detect vibration then but would not serve any purpose as a door sensor?