Door/Window Sensative Strips sensor push notification?

Hello i have a problem with my door/window sensor. I’m using sensative strips as door sensor and hub sees It wel and react properly for opening and closing doors. The problem is with getting notifications when action open/close happen. By default i dont get any notifications. I have tried to run home monitor but i get notifications only when door/window opens but not when It get close. I have also used procedure when action happen send notifications but It works once at a time.
Anyone had same problem?

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Have tried writing a simple routine to notify you when the door opens or closes.

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Welcome to the community @Arek_Kwiatkowski. I’d be keen to find out if you’re experiencing any ongoing issues with these strips as I would like to add them to fridge doors. My wife is not keen on adding Aeotec ones for some reason… :smirk: