Door/temp sensor as a "thermostat"?

Odd request, I know…

I have a crazy idea that I am going to use a cheap door sensor that also monitors temps, and vacuum pack it, for the sole intention of submerging it in my pool and monitoring water temps. This works just fine, so far. But now the next challenge is, how do I get Google home to answer the question of “what is the Pool temp?” Can I trick google into thinking that the sensor is a thermostat? Is there some other device handler that I could use?

First…don’t vacuum seal any battery powered device which is not approved by the manufacturer for that use. Batteries outgas over time. There are just a lot of things that can go wrong.

Instead, look for a device that can take an inexpensive temperature probe as input.

You can find project reports on what other people have done in the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki and look for the pool lists.

good point. i might have to look into other long term options.

regardless, even if I used a different sensor, ill have the same issue regarding google home knowing the temperature. Is there a way to trick google into treating a temp sensor as a thermostat?

I’ve got several temperature sensors which report temperature to Google Home. All you need to do is modify the device handler by adding “capability: “thermostat”.” Update the handler and then add it through the GH interface with ST. All of our ecobee sensors and two temp sensors (dog room and “outside”) are set up this way so I can ask what the temp is outside.

You’ll be able to ask Google “what’s the temperature in the pool” and it’ll say “the temperature in the pool is X degrees and the pool is off.” You can’t get past the “pool is off” part because it considers it a thermostat and that’s how it’s programmed to respond about thermostats.

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I also just tried to add the sensor as a switch thinking you could ask about open/close events. With “capability “switch”” it is recognized by Home, but fails to recognize open/close - just says it’s off.

I’m willing to bet someone with more patience and skill than I could figure out how to get Google to report it as either open or closed, which may be limited to an “on” or “off” response. No one has tried as far as I’m aware.

Try this:

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Hi, Iam very new to all this. Please, would you advice how to add/modify handler? I have created many Simulated Temperature Sensors and made them receive data via WebCore - this works great. I see all those sensors in ST app. Please, how and which handler to use/and how to connect it to those Simulated Temperature Sensors to show in Google Home? Thank you, Martin

update: Ok, I have found out, how to change the device type. Now I have found a Handler, also added the capability “Thermostat”, yet still cannot see it in GH… Anything else I can try to display the the temp sensor in GH?

Simuated is a device handler. It shows up in ST as a device. You just have to authorize that device in Google Home…At least that’s how it is with Alexa.

In other words, there is no need to change the device handler once it’s created.

Re-authorized, and I can see them :slight_smile: Gerat. Thank you, MT

Which temperature sensor are you using? I can help with the code knowing that. The brand of temperature sensor doesn’t matter too much, but if I know which one you’re using then I can help with the code.

Actually I have Fibaro sensors conected to Fibaro HC2. I use ST for kind of Google Home bridge, cos Fibaro does not have full integration. In ST I created virtual tem devices (used Raspberry Pi handler) and WebCore to pull current temps from Fibaro, then I parse the JSON and update the virtual devices (temps) on ST side… Now I have them showed in GH so that I can ask what the temp in in individual room :slight_smile:

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Hi @Nhaley @tampiss 'm using smartthings multisensors and motion sensors. I want my google home to be able to see their temperatures so that i can say 'ok google, whats the temperature in the shed/ front door etc ’

How would i do this?

Are you comfortable altering the handler code? If so, it’s as simple as adding “capability: “thermostat”” to the device handler code.

Let me know if you need more help!

I can try - but how do i get to the dth code for a smartthings sensor which is baked in, rather than code I’ve added myself?

Try this - works that way with Alexa and Google, once you attach this “thermostat” to a temp sensor, you can ask Alexa for the temperature. I tested this with the Google AIY kit, but should work the same on other devices.

Here’s a link to all of ST’s built in DTH:

Here’s the one you want:

See where it has all the capabilities listed? Add: capability “thermostat” to that list. Enjoy!

So do i need to essentially use the code from the existing dth (with this edit) and add as a seperate dth?

You got it, call it “advanced multi-sensor” or something.

Just so you’re not surprised, Google says “the XX is off and it’s XX degrees.” I don’t think there’s a way to get it to skip the “XX is off” bit.

Just got this error when i tried to save it Run Locally Permission not allowed for DeviceType: 9391dde0-5eb8-4929-9a30-9e42e0235a4c

Hmm…Let me find my code and paste it. I think that link to the code has been updated since I used it.

Well, this doesn’t seem to be working :confused: