Door sensor Notifications with CCTV snapshot of person exiting/entering?

I’ve been playing with the Generic Video Camera devicetype with SmartThings and I’m wondering if anyone has set this to the notification routine, wherein when the door is opened, a snapshot of the person entering/exiting is attached to the notification (probably via email).

I’ve played with Amazon Dash, and I’ve set it up with an ARP scanner running on my Pogoplug (can be another linux machine that is running an ARP scan bash script) and when it detects the MAC address of the Dash, it runs another bash script which basically grabs a picture from the RTSP port of my CCTV system, saves the pic to a file, and emails it to my Flickr acct, and with an IFTTT Flicker to Facebook, it gets posted as a private (me only) picture…

Anything similar we can do with the Generic Video Camera Device Type?

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