Door Sensor has no Refresh button, not included in Pollster

Garage door tilt sensor TILT-ZWAVE2.5-ECO reported a garage door open 2 hours after the event last night and as a result i missed garage door open warnings and the garage door stayed open all night.

I notice that there is no ‘Refresh’ button in the classic app and this device does not appear in the list of devices I can refresh using the Pollster smart app. The device handler I use is “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor”. Is there a different device handler I can use for this that can be refreshed / included in Pollster?

That device sleeps so you can’t refresh or poll it, but it should wake up on its own every 4 hours.

Your problem was most likely a result of SmartThings acting up and unrelated to the device because I’ve been seeing random strange behavior with a lot of my devices all weekend…


SmartThings is not entirely reliable. I have seen delays in reporting sensor status change previously. Never to this extent.

I set the alarm system to issue garage close command when arming the system stay at night.

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The flip-side of lost events is the false event, which could be either positive or negative. I’ve seen all three over time.

Because I have two locations, widely separated, I cannot simply wake a device or pull the battery on ‘sleepy’ ones. Here’s how I solved the problem remotely…