Door Sensor + Google Home + IFTTT

Oops, just saw the post about the screen recording, I’ll check that out. Ignore below for now.

Didn’t work for me, unfortunately. Can’t really tell where/how it’s failing, unfortunately.

I did confirm the door is registering open with Smartthings. Checked my entries/setup repeatedly, did a full re-setup of the settings, and didn’t work.

What’s the best way to see where this is falling?

OK, followed the excellent screen vid, and things still not working. My screens, in case that helps.

I tried with casting set to Google Home, and to Google Audio cast puck I have, neither worked.

If there are any suggestions, I’m all ears! :slight_smile:

Is it registering in SharpTools and are you subscribed to the contact (assume you are using a contact sensor)?

Another thought is to run the Tasker log and see what it is seeing.

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Thanks. I have enabled control of all door contact sensors, etc., in my ST setup in Sharp Tools.

I’ll look into the logs, thanks.

Try IF %st_attr_value ~ active

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I think you need to subscribe to event changes for each device in Sharp Tools if you haven’t already done it.

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Ahhh. Long press on the device in Sharp Tools.



One odd thing, i decided to unsubscribe one door that is in our family room (don’t need voice when were right there) and sharp tools won’t unsubscribe from that door, get error 400 from the device list and subscription page on the app, and i tried removing/adding it back to Sharp Tools, but the subscription was still there.

You might try this from here SharpTools

“Additionally, you can try opening the ‘Subscriptions’ pane from the SharpTools left navigation and then manually tap the refresh icon in the action bar to refresh the list of subscriptions. Once you’ve refreshed the list of subscriptions, open the Things screen again and check to see if your subscription is setup as expected.”

That fixed the issue I was having with the 400 error.


Refreshing subscriptions did it, thanks!

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I used lannouncer on my Nexus 7 with the big talker smartapp which configures the Nexus as a speaker. Next, from the pull down menu on the Nexus, I cast to the Google home. Google home will still respond to commands while being cast to.

For this to work however, the phone has to be present on the same network as your Google Home right? I’m trying to hook up my door bell sensor to my GH but if the phone isn’t present, then the notification won’t work right?


Correct, it needs to be able to cast to your GH on the same network. Since I have a dedicated tablet for my dashboard, it is also used for GH announcements. Many folks have several dedicated tablets around the house so any one of them could be used.

Hi I looking for an way to Google say “Door Still Open” any idea?

Look at this community app called RemindR.

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Hi @lmosenko

RemindR does not works with Google Home.

Using the above integration, you can have it say anything you want. At least the last time I tried it (it’s been awhile).

Are you wanting this announcement when a door is open after a certain amount of time?

I am using Raspberi Pi Zero w and VLCThing. This and RemindR does all my announcmentrs. I think you can brodcast to the Bluetooth on the GH. Not certain if you can brodcast via Bluetooth from the Raspberi Pie Zero W to GH.

I want to GH told me when the door was open and if the still open for X minutes.

I’m trying to set this up for a Xiaomi Mi Door/Window sensor.
It seems tho as if st_attr_value = open is not being triggered.
Is there anywhere I can see which parameters ARE actually triggered by the Xiaomi device so I can call them correctly in AutoCast ?

When I go to my SmartThings IDE I do get this line in the logfile for the sensor:
dc77da1f-d5f2-46fb-b8f9-97b0da6131b4 4:19:00 AM: debug Front door: Parse returned [name:contact, value:open, descriptionText:Front door was opened]

So it does seem to be getting “value: open” …

(I have subscribed to everything for the Thing, so that can’t be the issue.)