Door or x - Open/Close or Accelerometer?

I am wondering if there are advantages or disadvantages to using the Multi functions for door or x opened - Open/Close or Accelerometer?
The reason is the Multi stick-on magnet seems kind of unreliable when mounted on a door - meaning the stick on may fail over time.
I may try a screw on magnet but just
wondering if there was a real disadvantage to using the accelerometer.

The Accelerometer would show if the door moved, but I don’t think it would show it it was closed or not. I know if you use the multi as a virtual garage door open/closed it uses position to determine if the door is open or not, but it can can tell that it’s in a different position based on how the sensor is aligned. I don’t know if that would work on a door.

As for the tape, I know there were some complaints about the original tape being sent with the devices. When I got mine (late in the game), mine came with 3M command strips, which I’ve used on a lot of things and never had a problem with it. I’m pretty confident it’ll stay in place. If over a long time (like years) it fails, new strips are pretty cheap.

I too was worried about the tape not holding, but after a few months of use the sensor has not budged. I did replace the stock magnet with a rare earth hard drive magnet that is super strong- no tape needed for that one. I placed the sensor on the garage wall and the magnet on the door. This works like a charm!