Door Locks Fully Supported by ST's

BP6 - this is awesome. Thanks for creating it. One thing I noticed (just installed today) - When I add a code, the state becomes “unknown” until the first time I go and manually use the lock after changing it.

As soon as I use the lock, suddenly everything becomes known again. Then if I delete the new code, everything becomes unknown again. Then I walk over, use the lock (with the code that still works) and suddenly everything is once again known.

Any idea why that happens?

You can go ahead and setup a new SmartApp From Form in order to get the code snippet for the missing metadata definition. Once you have that you just paste at the top off bigpunk6’s code to resolve the error message.

    name: "change-lock-code",
    namespace: "",
    author: "bigpunk6",
    description: "A SmartApp to change Kwikset lock codes.",
    category: "Safety & Security",
    iconUrl: "",
    iconX2Url: "",
    iconX3Url: "")

Has anyone used this device type with the Kwikset 914’s and successfully got the Battery status working? I switched back to the default zWave Lock as I’d rather have Battery Status than Code Management for now.

Came across this thread via google and wanted to leave the solution for the metadata issue - It is because you are saving it in “My Smart Apps” instead of “My Device Types” (this took me 3 hours to figure out) Paste the code here instead of in the SmartApps

After you add a “Device Type” you can then add the Device under “My Devices” and it should show up on your phone.

I switched back to the default as well. Interestingly, however, the default one doesn’t update consistently either. I received an update at 90% and another one at 80%. Nothing in between and Refresh does nothing.

There is another thread where they have a smart app to accomplish pin code changes.

Same issue, so your getting battery status on the default?

Yes. I care more about battery reporting than code management so I switched back to the default.

Switched back to the default and a few hours later it works again. Thanks :smile:

Unless I missed it, it seems ST still doesn’t fully support any door locks?

It seriously disturbs me we’re using code created by a unknown person to provide functionality of something as important as a DOOR LOCK. Had I known ST was so behind in basic support of devices I’d never have bought multiple hubs for various locations. There should be a process where code like this needs to be vetted by ST and then implemented into their stack if it’s approved.

This is a lock… not a lightbulb… a malfunction gives access to your home, and your family??? Some reasonable consideration should be given to safety items. Same issue with the Nest Smoke Alarm, code by some random person … not ST.


@shylok my friend, we in this community always help each other out in any possible way in any small or big way we can contribute and even though we rant and scream at ST support they are also us. We all got into this knowing what we are getting into. And above all I think (even though you may consider this to be naive) we trust each other and that’s what differentiate this community from others. We are not perfect neither is ST but I am sure they are trying and so does this community. And please don’t take this otherwise, you are we too… :slight_smile: I sure do appreciate your concern, if you don’t trust it, don’t use it for critical things. That’s the reason I pay 50$ to ADT still… :wink: Cheers, buddy!


@Shylok - Also, the code is completely open for everyone to see. So, by going with one of the smart apps that are used by many people here and talked about a lot, like Home on Unlock, Too or on of the apps that sets the codes…you can pretty much be assured that people who program have looked over the code. If anything, I may trust this a bit more. It is similar to an Open Source approach.

On top of that, many of ST’s apps are listed on the IDE for people to use as a starting point…so we can review those as well. And, one more thing - I have seen ST developers enhance apps that are created by the community and post the changes here.

So, although I agree with part of that you are saying - basic device support - I feel the community has all our backs. In addition, there are so many different devices out there it is hard to keep up to speed. ST has recently been adding more people during they explosive growth. I assume we will start seeing more traction on this soon.

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I finally got around to updating the Smart App code to work with the default zwave lock device type created by Smart Things. You no longer need to create a custom device type just use the Smart App.

I’m working on updating the app for multiple users and notifications.

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I updated the code again to add a notification option that will let you choose to be notified if code is used to unlock door and when code is deleted and set.

I’m now working on multiple users in a single smartapp


multiple users in a single smartapp… will that include options such as allowing access to some locks by certain users but not others, not giving ever user full access to every lock? that would be great, I have some locks to keep the kids out of stuff like my garage and my studio, but yet I want them to be able to have access to use their code to unlock the front door.

@Spyder, you’re already able to specify which user codes you want to be active for each individual lock with this SmartApp. I installed two instances of the app; one instance for one of my locks, and a second for my other lock. Then you just adjust the settings of each lock-specific version of the app to the user codes you want each to have access.

Fantastic work, especially for gratis, many many thanks BP6!

Any plans to add a scheduling feature for times to be active/disabled?

I have the Kwikset Smartcode lock, using the default zwave device type created by ST, any reason I’m not able to see battery level?

Thank you thank you again!

Thanks for the code!
You need to change line 60 in the codereturn method to something like:
if (evt.value == Integer.toString(user)) {
That will get the comparison to happen properly so you can get notifications when a code is changed or deleted.

Does this smart app (or could it in the future) support scheduling when codes should be active? IE setting a date/time when the code is added and another when it should be removed?

This would be a very helpful feature for assisting with rental properties.