Door lock user notification and auto-lock?

Hi - I have two, relatively (seemingly) simple questions.

  • I have a Yale Assure lock and I would like to receive a notification when it is unlocked indicating who unlocked it. Ie “[User] unlocked door” rather than a generic “Door is now unlocked.” I currently use Lock Code Manager with about 10 codes saved and I’d prefer not changing apps.

  • I would like the door to automatically lock after 30 seconds or a minute. I have a contact sensor on the door. I keep running into the issue (using Core) where the door closes, countdown starts, door opens, then lock engages. Is there a way to ensure the lock only engages if the door is shut? I’ve tried many different combinations.


First of all, you should move to WebCore…much better and there will be no more updates to Core.
Second, in WebCore, you can add a while timer. So, what you would do is while the contact sensor remains open, wait for say, 5 seconds. Then below that in the piston you have the lock re-locking. Works really well for waiting until other actions happen.

As far as notifications without changing apps…it sounds like what you’re asking for is an update to Lock Code Manager, which I don’t think we’ll happen anytime soon. There are other lock code manager apps out there that will do exactly what you want. Of course, that would require changing smartapps.

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If you do decide to try something else and you have access to RBoy Apps try this app, it can do everything you’re asking (and more).

In the meantime you can always switch to WebCoRE or there’s an autolock smartapp available on the marketplace however it won’t be integrated with your lock app.

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RBoy is the way to go…