Door Lock Up On Close inconsistent lately?

This app was working fine for me for months now and suddenly I find the lock after a minute of the door being closed isn’t being consistently triggered to lock.

I get to to work and look at my dashboard and I find the door is still unlocked! Same thing happened last night, came back from a store errand and the door was still unlocked.

For your amusement, you may want to read some of the comments on this thread…Welcome to the Poltergeist world!

I’ve actually been reading that due to my sunrise/sunset events being all wonky. I didn’t think this was a time based event but now that I think about it, I guess it is… time based on door closing. wth. :cry:

Yup… Time based problem. Mine is not working either. Schedule job to lock the door is stuck in “history” :rage:

Is your door sensor Z-Wave or Zigbee? I have Zigbee devices behaving weirdly in my house lately (along with the scheduled event issues)… I have a ST contact sensor on my fridge and a ST Multi on my garage shutter…both have been reporting incorrect state and I get notification that the door is left open. I already tried resetting the hub twice, and even powering it off for 15 minutes etc. But it has not helped so far.