Door lock open with any pin

I am working with a Zigbee base door lock device and I am facing issues when we send a lock or unlock command with the wrong key that time it behaves like the correct key. Anyone can help with this where I am wrong.

It sounds like the RequirePINforRFOperation attribute might be set to 0 (false) which would cause the lock to ignore the pin code included in the lock/unlock command. Try setting that attribute (id 0x0033) to 1 and see if that makes it behave correctly.


please follow my lock and unlock command
– address, local endpoint, device endpoint, profile id, cluster, seq, 0x00, length pin, pin.
so that where I can put attribute (id 0x0033).


To write an attribute you need to send a message like this in the configure method:

zigbee.writeAttribute(0x0101, 0x0033, DataType.BOOLEAN, 1)

Also put this at the top of the DTH:

import physicalgraph.zigbee.zcl.DataType

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