Door left unlocked notification (2020)

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. :frowning:

You can use a Virtual Switch with the Meross Garage Door openers along with IFTTT (or perhaps even the built-in SmartThings Automations) and then use that virtual switch in SharpTools or other SmartApps:

Historically, people also used the IFTTT approach with Virtual Switches because the Meross integration with SmartThings was really flaky. I understand Meross has made some updates to their SmartThings integration, but I haven’t personally tested it so I don’t know if it’s gotten much better. :thinking: :man_shrugging:


Good tip! I’m just now moving away from IFTTT because of their new billing model, but I was finally able to force the device into SharpTools, and it looks like that integration is actually working!

Thanks for the additional info.

I can totally understand that. Hopefully the Meross integration with SmartThings really has improved. Historically it would work well for the first few days after connecting it to SmartThings and then would all of a sudden stop reporting status updates to SmartThings. :open_mouth:

I also sent you a PM to see if we can gather a few more details about what details the device is reporting now. :slight_smile:

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Yikes… Fingers crossed it doesn’t go downhill. Worst case scenario, I just use the Meross app I guess. But it’s nice to have the flexibility granted by SmartThings.j

I’ll try to check my PMs; I’m happy to supply any information that might be helpful.

They have updated it. You have to sign out of the linked service and then sign into the new service (which has a slightly different name), but the new one is working much better.

Just in time, since Ifttt is now charging once you have more than three applets. :disappointed_relieved:


It may be better than it was, but I’m noticing that it’s still quite unreliable. When I open or close the garage door using a physical button (or using the Meross app), SmartThings does not seem to update the status until I manually do a status refresh in the SmartThings app. The Meross app, on the other hand, updates the status instantly so there seems to be something wrong in the connection still. :thinking:

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I’m trying to install the “left it open” app and perhaps not doing something right. I’ve published the parent and saved the “left it open” child but am not seeing the smartapp in the ST app.

When you tapped on the “+”, then Smartapp, then scrolled all the way down to Custom, you didn’t see this?

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Welp, thats the step I was missing (duh!). Thanks for your help!

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Hi John,
I am using your smart app for something being left open. Thank you.
I have a couple of questions:

  1. I just saved the Child as you suggested. What would have happened if I had published it?
  2. I am wondering if it would be possible to add the capability of turning on a switch or virtual switch if left on more than x minutes?

Quick question John. I have got the alert for a door being left unlocked kind of working, but it sends the alert immediately the door is unlocked and says it been unlocked for the amount of time its supposed to wait. Its Danalock V3 that is usually opened by the use of the device at the door and the alert is obviously a reminder as we have to lift the handle to allow the Danalock to function. I have put the parent/child in and only published the parent. Any ideas? Thanks for what is otherwise a great app.

Hi @Jacippit, thanks for using my app! Hopefully ST will get around to adding similar functionality without the need for a SmartApp.

You only need to publish the parent, so that’s fine. Publishing the child won’t hurt anything, but it will show up in your list of apps in the mobile app. Sometimes that throws people off a bit.

I have several instances of this “rule” running, and I’ve seen this happen a couple times. Try going back and tweaking “…open for more than…” to something different, as well as the delay. That should force scheduling to reset. Let me know what happens because this is usually indicative of the platform not honoring how the runIn method is configure to work.

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Hi @barrie, wow I completely missed your post, sorry about that! Just in case you still have these question, here are my replies.

If you would have published the child app all that would have happened would be it would show up as as a SmartApp you could set up in the mobile app.

That’s been requested before, and I don’t think that would be too difficult to do. I’m on holiday break after today and I plan on spending more time on ST “stuff”, so yeah I can add this to my projects list. Stay tuned.

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Installed your smartapp and smartthings app keeps saying network error. Any ideas my friend? Thanks!

Thank you. I will play with them later this evening. I have captured the files so that I can examine them.

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Thank you John,

It works perfectly.

One problem solved (or should I say challenge overcome. (smile)


Brilliant. I just registered to thank you for the script.
I used it to trigger a virtual button which then in Alexa triggers an announcement.
I have a automation in ST as well to reset the button after it’s been turn on for a set period of time which then gets set again after the recurrence period of the smart app

Been using this script for a while and it works great. The only issue I experience is the incremental notifications are not accurate as far as reflecting the time the sensor has been open. For example, I have it set to notify me if a sensor has been open for 10 minutes and then 30 minute incremental notifications. The first notification is accurate saying the sensor has been open for 10 minutes but the incremental notifications also all say 10 ten minutes where they should say 40 minutes, 70 minutes and so on.

Hi @shobuddy,
If these notifications are important to you, this app notifies you like this. It is similar, but only to control one or more open / close sensors type.
It also notifies when all selected sensors have been closed again.

Now you can also do automations with a condition left open or unlocked time to send notification or execute actions

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