Door Knocker smart app latency problems with Android 9

I have installed the Smartthings Smart App called Door Knocker by but there appears to be a problem with this when the phone has Android 9 Pie.

This is the app:-

Phone in use is a Moto G6 Plus running Android 9 Pie.

I find the app works IF the phone is already in use, the notification comes through immediately.

But IF the phone has been idle for a time, then the Knock Notification can take 15 minutes or more to come through to the phone when I am at home. ( This makes the smartapp kinda useless. )

From Google research I believe that the notification goes via Google’s Cloud Messaging service which is only downloaded to the phone at intervals.??

Thus in theory would an app called Push Notification Fixer solve this problem.?

See this page from XDA developer for non rooted phones:-

Anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it.??

All suggestions appreciated.

I don’t know anything about the android part, but that’s a very old smartapp. Can’t you do the same thing now with the official smartlights or smart home monitor feature? And if so, its push notification would probably be faster. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the quick reply…
Smart Home Monitor / Configure / Custom will monitor an opening door, but does not appear to distinguish between a vibration and an opening door. Thus if I use this route every time the door is opened I would receive a notification when I only need the notification for a vibration.??
Plus this does not solve the notification delay issue, which I believe started with Android 8 Oreo.
The Smart App called Door Knocker only allows notifications and not a text message which is a pity as a text message comes through immediately.
All ideas appreciated.

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