Door knob to use with smart lock

Just recently got a ST V2 hub, a few switches and a few multipurpose sensors. Fairly addicted already!! Looking into smart locks (deadbolts) and am wondering what you guys use for the door knob itself? My main reason for getting a smart lock is convenience. We used to enter our house through our rec room (converted 2-car garage). This door only had a keyed door knob on it so simple entry with just one turn of a key. But that room has been turned into a giant playroom for my 10-month old son and we want to stop coming into/out of the house that way so we aren’t tracking everything from outside into the playroom. My front door has a storm door and the main door has a standard deadbolt with a separate standard keyed door knob. Looking to get rid of the keyed knob in favor of an unkeyed knob. So once I have things setup for my smart deadbolt to unlock the door upon my arrival I can simply open the door without fumbling with keys and a baby, groceries, etc. in my hands. Is that what most of you guys do? Go with an unkeyed knob and a smart deadbolt? Most unkeyed knobs I’ve been looking at are made for wooden inside doors (closets, bedrooms, etc.). Looking for something more suitable for a heavy, steel front door.

If you’re OK with the style, lever handles are convenient, easy to find, and look nice.

Since for many people the whole point of getting a smart lock is to make it easier to open the front door when your hands are full, a lever then lets you just use your elbow. You will probably want to get a smart lock that auto locks, then, because you can’t really childproof the lever to keep a little kid from going out. But if the deadbolt is locked then that doesn’t matter as much because typically the turn bolt is a couple of inches higher. And eventually if you want you can put a box cover over the interior turn bolt and childproof that.

Most of the smart lot companies sell a matching handle set that is either a lever or a vertical pull. Here’s the one from Schlage.


Some companies, like Yale, also offer some models that have the lever built-in to the keypad unit:


But if you prefer, you can also just get a keyed entry exterior knob. These don’t typically have a smart option, so most people just use them without the key for every day use.

So there are several options depending on your own aesthetic preferences. :sunglasses:

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Cool. Thanks for the response.

I was looking at the lever type handles as well. Just wasn’t sure how easy of a swap they would be with my current standard handle. Most likely simple swap though.

Good call on the child proofing. That didn’t cross my mind at all.

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I myself am quadriparetic, use a power wheelchair and have limited use of my hands, so door knobs are a big issue. My condition is also progressive, meaning it gets worse over time.

A few years ago we changed all the interior knobs to lever handles, but we left a knob on the front door because I didn’t want my service dog letting himself out! :dog:

But then it got to the point where I couldn’t open that door at all without help and then we got a smart lock. So that was when we switched the front door to a lever handle, which the dog can work. So now a human, which could be me using Automation, unlocks the deadbolt and then the dog can work the lever handle. :sunglasses: