Door control - default "next" or intermediate status

It looks like the default “next” status for the stock doorControl capability is currently set to open/close, meaning when you tap the control action in the UI, it skips right over the opening/closing intermediate statuses. Even if I explicitly emit opening or closing in the edge driver, it still briefly flips to the open/close state.

Ideally, tapping the control when the door is open should immediately flip to closing; tapping it when closed should immediately flip to opening.

@nayelyz - is this something we can have changed? Or perhaps even have some way to override the default behavior in cases where we’d like to intercept the “next” status in the UI?

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What do you mean by “next” status? I have a virtual garage door attached to relays and contact sensors. I don’t see any odd behavior with the states.

Press UI button → Door Opening/Closing —> Activate Relay
Sensor Open/Closed → Door Open/Closed

When I tap the UI open button in the mobile app (iOS), it immediately goes to Open/Closed. If I have the Edge command handler emit opening/closing, it will flip to that soon after but you still see that initial status. I’m actually not sure that the open/closed status truly gets set…it may just be an oddity in the UI itself.

Ok. I do see that as well. It is a recent quirk. It didn’t do that when I first wrote the virtual garage door. It looks like it is just a UI thing. I don’t see the event being emitted from the driver unless I explicitly emit it.

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Hi, guys

We are looking into this. I will let you know as soon as we have an answer.