Door chimes

Has anyone use either the Netvox Z-BO2E (zigbee) or the Aeotec z-wave door chime/siren.    I want to use the door chime as an notification mechanism that is a little less urgent (more subtle) than the siren/alarm.

Ideally I would like to find a multi-chime (MP3 programmable) zigbee/zwave door chime where I could select which tone/tune to play - this would allow separate tones to provide different event notification.

Oops … the Netvox product model number should have been Z-601A/B as this is the alarm/chime unit.   Z-BOE2E appears to be the part number for the door chime button.


Is the Aeotec door chime even available yet? I haven’t been able to find one…