Door Bell for wired system

Hi I have a 1930’s house in the UK with the original wired doorbell
Is there such a thing as a z wave button which would make my doorbell ring as normal as well as sending an alert, or is anyone aware of any hacks to get this to work

Have you thought of using this:

You could wire in to your doorbell switch or ringer, so effectively it can turn any switch/contact into a Zwave sensor, instead of using the magnetic reed switch built-in. I have one connected to outputs on a wired alarm system, for example. It can also take a cheap DS18B20 temp sensor about 50p from electronics suppliers, so you get temp readings too.

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Thanks David
Do you have any wiring diagrams or pics of your setup sounds like a good idea
I do have a fair bit of room in the bell box

With that sensor you might need a relay to have both the original bell ring and the sensor trigger. I made the mistake of hooking one up with power still running through the original doorbell and it toasted the sensor. A relay is easy to hook up just need to find out what voltage your chime runs at.

This thread covers a lot of options: