Don't want do many virtual switches

So I want to control a bunch of things with Alexa, mainly with my tv. The problem is I don’t want so many virtual switches on my dashboard just for the TV. Is there any way to use Alexa to control things without the need for so many individual switches?

An alternative, my main issue is the naming of the switches to be called. Ex. “Turn on TV”, “Mute TV.” I don’t want TV functions all over my dashboard since they are in alphabetical order. I’d rather them all together. For instance, naming all of TV functions them with some sort of prefix word…but not required to say the prefix word when calling Alexa.

Are either scenario possible? Thanks.

What device are you using to control the tv?

Sounds like you need a Harmony Hub.


The device handler is “Sony XBR Android TV” from pmjoen.

So if I got a harmony hub what? I don’t have to make any virtual switches? I can turn on multiple things (tv and lights) with one command to alexa?

You can often find the Harmony Hub on Amazon for song.