Dont turn on switch if thermostat is in this mode?

We have a ct100 we turn on for the dogs in there house if we leave them outside. I need to set something up to not turn on the backyard camera if the dogs are outside and system goes to goodbye arm. The one thing that changes when dogs are out to when there inside and we leave is we turn on there thermostat.
I have tried using core but nothing is perfect best i can come up with is a energy increase turn off switch, however if its not running the camera would still be on when there outside.
Any Ideas Would greatly be appreciated.

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re trying to do or if you have a DH that controls your camera but I use WebCoRE to do different things depending on what my GoControl thermostat is doing. Can you turn the camera off when the GoControl thermostat’s thermostatMode changes to heat and then turn it back on when you brings the dogs in and turn off the thermostat?

Its a Arlo camera that I can control as a switch. I have 5 of them they come on using a smart app when mode changes to away and night.
It would be nice if thermostat was on, (in any mode auto, heat or cool) to not turn on backyard camera.

What u mentioned sounds great, the only difference is if thermostat is on don’t turn on switch when mode changes to away.
Thanks for helping me.