Dongguan U-Fairy 4Ch Smart Switch

Anyone using this with ST?

I need a 4ch switch and this is way cheaper than the MCO 4ch switch.
However, it does not require Neutral wiring whereas I have Neutral wiring in all my wall sockets.

What device handler to use and should I just leave the Neutral wire untouched?

Unless you can find certification listings somewhere (I couldn’t) I would NOT install any smart device that is an unknown. Some things are cheap because they’re manufactured with inferior components and fail spectacularly (ie with sparks and fire)

in fact, their 1/2/3 gang switches are popular here and i have been using them since 2016 with no issues
able to integrate with Alexa as well
however, i bought the 4gang switch and I have been in direct contact with the factory and they said that they have tested with ST using ST’s own dh with no problems
I tried but it only recognised 2 switches.
I used the DH created by Omar (in the MCO switch thread) and it works but no integration with Alexa.