Done with motion sensors

Your Iris sensors have approx 1 min reset time.
I have same problems occasionally, but rarely on zigbee. It’s mostly on zwave. They usually clear themselves within a few hours. That tells me it’s not the sensors but communication sensor-internet-server-hub and there’s nothing I can do to fix it.

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Actually, I believe the Iris has a 30 second reset period.

I had issues with this early on and ended moving my ST Hub to another room. This fixed my disconnect issues permanently.

Iris motions are awesome.

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because I do not have wired network jacks all over my house… would it be best to move my hub far away from the router and utilize the hub wifi vs trying to keep it relatively closer in the same vicinity and use a wired connection between the hub and router?

Before you move anything, change the channel on your wifi 2.4ghz first. Start there.

What does your Zigbee channel show in IDE right now? What is your 2.4ghz channel right now?

My tip for troubleshooting is to always do one thing at a time. Too many people try to do too many things at once and whether it resolves the problem or not, they never end up knowing what the true source of the problem was or the exact resolution. It may take a little longer, but by doing this for everything, you will have a better understanding of source cause. Just my opinion.

Sorry, I found this confusing. If you are referring to the SmartThings hub, it doesn’t have Wi-Fi at all. It has to be cabled either directly to your Internet router or to a Wi-Fi access point that has an ethernet jack. But its connection will always be wired for Internet. So to create more distance between the smartthings hub and your Wi-Fi router, you just use a longer ethernet cord.

I’m just starting to delve into the possibilities afforded by motion sensors. Specifically, I want to use them to help control the thermostat. Imagine this scenario: usual winter daytime temp in home is 68 (no lower because of elderly cats who need warmth) when we are out at work. When we come home, temp goes to 70.

I want to use motion so that, in the event one of us is home during a workday, the thermostat goes to 70. I set it up in webcore, the concept works…

But the cats routinely set off the motion detect, and the house is at 70 all day because of it.

I just got three of the Bosch motion sensors from mydigitaldiscount. This weekend I’ll be testing them to see if they can trigger on human motion, while not triggering on cat motion. If not, then the concept of motion detection is pretty useless to me. There might be other uses, but that’s my big one.

why not use presence for humans that arrive home? getting cats not to trigger motion will be difficult.

Did you locate the Zigbee channel?
Did you find the channel that your 2.4ghz is running on?

If you let us know what those current settings are, we can tell you if they are sitting on top of each other.

Because presence has turned out to have its own issues… and what if we have company that has no official system presence? Mother in law might like to have some warmth when she’s here.

Basically, I’m looking to do with motion detection what ecobee does with its occupancy sensors. And I want it to not turn up the heat if someone is in bed reading at 2am, but if that person gets up to have a snack and watch some tv at that hour I want them to have heat.

So presence alone is not sufficient.

I have cats as well and one reason I love my Nest cameras is that I am able to setup zones that ignore specific places in the room, for example across the floor and one specific portion of the couch in view of the camera, when they walk in those areas it ignores those zones and doesn’t set off motion events. And for an intruder they would have to do a Katherine Zeta Jones in Entrapment dipping in between all the zones. :rofl:

I’m not at home right now and for some reason my remote login to my router isn’t working. I’ll have to wait until later to look.

Let me know your results on this. I would be very curious.

I think that in the future, we will see more motion sensors taking on the same capabilities as cameras in the fact that they can detect size, shape, speed, etc.

I would pair motion with a door contact sensor then. Only turn up the heat using motion if a certain door was opened within the last 5 min or something like that.

Ok - Let us know

Here’s a cheat sheet:

Wifi is set to 1
Zigbee is set to 11 - 14

Wifi is set to 6
Zigbee is set to 16 - 19

Wifi is set to 11
Zigbee is set to 21 - 24

If your combination is any of the 3 above, both wifi and zigbee are sitting directly on top of each other.

My 2.4 Ghz wifi Channel was set to auto. I changed it to 2.

ZigBee is channel 24.

I also had 10-15ish devices on the 2.4 Ghz range so I moved most of them to the 5 ghz.

I have a couple of Roku devices that only work on 2.4G

I also moved my hub 10 ft from the router

Well so much for doing one thing at a time to troubleshoot it. Oh well its all good. :joy:

I’m willing to bet that being set to Auto, you were on 11. That’s how my 2.4ghz is setup. If you goto the actual internet display it would have shown Auto (11), whereas the setup screen just shows you the setting of Auto. If that was the case, interference may have played a huge role in all of this.

Let us know how it goes.

I changed it back to auto and it went to 7… who knows what it was on before. I guess I didn’t look. I honestly don’t care what the cause of it was… I just want it to work.

Most people don’t and when it breaks they get mad as hell not knowing what’s causing it.

Fingers crossed for ya. :sunglasses:

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One day off from work in, and the Bosch sensor works as advertised. It picks me up, but not my cats.
It ceases to make new reads for 3 minutes after a read. I think that’s ok, and likely useful. So I’m gonna play with this one, and see where it takes me. If I find it reliable and valuable I will attempt, after the holidays, to integrate it with the ecobee thermostat.

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I had different motion sensors all in one room that didn’t work until I started using the app from Mike Maxwell and they work great now. Here the link?