Don’t switch to Hubitat

After the shut down of echo speaks i rashly decided to move to hubitat. I bought the POS and moved all zwave and zigbee devices over, followed by my webcore pistons which constitute mainly all of my automatons.

Then I discovered what a POS hubitat is. Devices of all kind do not report states to the hub. This must be an issue with hubitat itself. Even with a zwave polling app, the hub cannot determine the current state of a device 6 times out of 10, leaving my automatons absolutely incapable of running. Because of my switch to hubitat, my ecobee turned off last night, and did not turn on again. My heater froze. My family was freezing. This is a dangerous POS you would be well to avoid. If I had a baby it could have died thanks to the level and length of cold

Search their forum for devices not reporting states. Have a real blast and add your specific devices to the search to know it isn’t isolated.


One thing I have noted through all the Hubutat conversations was polling on Gen 1 Zwave devices. I was going to test the waters with this hub BUT I will be upgrading to Z-Wave Plus everywhere per all the warnings.
All platforms are not “Mil Spec” in many ways. My ST failed for 3 hours in the summer and all my solar water panels melted due to lack of circulation. Local control from Hubitat would have prevented this.
Keep Calm and IoT On :slight_smile:

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If you need immediate feedback on a device’s state, then you are much better off using a zwave plus device rather than trying to use polling in Hubitat. When I converted to HE from ST in April, I had around 50 zwave (non plus) devices. I swapped the switches that I needed to know the states of with plus devices during the transition.

I have had a couple of bumps along the way but my Hubitat system is by far, more stable, and much faster than ST ever was. I tried to research all of my devices, and pitfalls, before I ever started the move and make accommodations.

Being I moved in April, I’m using a C5 Hubitat hub. Of my current zwave devices, 5 are plus and the rest are older zwave. Almost all of my mains powered devices are GE. I also have a fair amount of zigbee and LAN devices. I don’t need to know the state of my older zwave devices.

As with any platform. Your experience is going to be largely based on your choice of devices.

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I was and usually am doing five things. The issues are not AT ALL restricted to zwave. Hubitat handles my cloud apps fine. It is local processing which is in fact a joke. Even my hue lights don’t reflect accurate states in hubitat. They report fine in ST.

That’s really odd. I’m using a Hue Bridge, Lightify Bridge, Harmony and a couple other LAN devices without any issues at all. All of my devices, with the exception of some of the old Zwave devices, all reflect the correct states.

One of the “bumps” I mentioned was that I ended up needing the Hue and Lightify where I didn’t need them in ST.

As for local processing, I have had zero issues. That’s been the best part of my experience. Having things work all the time, even when the internet is down, is great and has improved my WAF.

I would be really curious to know why we have such polar opposite experiences.

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Trust me so would I. When I posted to hubitat about this a staff member attempted to chastise me. When I called out the numerous issues that are certainly being reported by more than me alone he had no snapback, so I’m fairly confident my instance isn’t isolated. I do use a hue bridge

I haven’t used Hubitat, when I left ST I wanted to have 100% control so I went to Home Assistant instead.

It took about 2 days to move all the devices over but I haven’t had a single problem since then. And everything is hosted at my house so I have total control, and the code is open.

I highly recommend Home Assistant if anyone is looking for an alternative to ST.


The main issues I have had have been with Z-Wave devices. There’s supposed to be a major fix in the upcoming firmware for C-7 hubs. Apparently there’s still some bugs to work out on the new 700 series chips.

I have had issues with my Philips Hue connected through CocoHue not reporting the correct state right away. It takes a second or two for it to update which was making some of my motion activated lights not turn off because WebCoRE didn’t see that the light was on yet. To get around that, I went into the piston settings and disabled Command Optimizations. This allowed the piston to send the off command even though it thought the light was already off.

I get that you are frustrated. I wouldn’t write off Hubitat just yet though. It has been awesome for me with my automations being much faster and more reliable than on SmartThings. If you have certain devices that don’t work as well on Hubitat, you can still use them on SmartThings and use HubConnect to sync your hubs up.

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I have my Ecobee integrated with Hubitat. How did the Hubitat keep you from using the Ecobee thermostat on wall directly to turn your HVAC back on? I want to avoid similar.

I have my ecobee set to turn off after any number of contacts have been open for a set number of minutes. This is great for warm months. One of those contacts is a patio door. I opened and CLOSED the door, which hubitat failed to recognize. Since the door was registering as open, the thermostat never turned back on.

Oh, then I completely misread your initial post. I thought you were saying that something went wrong in Hubitat and it disabled any control with Ecobee unit on the wall, with the app or web interface.

Using the Ecobee web interface, you can set low temperature and high temperature alerts and hopefully avoid this in future no mattter which hub you land on.

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I’ve had ecobee for about four years and never had a problem like this until now. It is not new user error. Hubitat is an absolute joke.

I am going to try the command optimization. With over two hundred pistons, I am really wondering why this isn’t a global setting.

If you have a piston that has a lot of commands, not using command optimization could potentially slow down performance or cause some commands to be missed. I only have mine turned off on pistons with multiple actions on Hue lights in a short period, such as turning my hallway and stairway lights off immediately when no motion is detected instead of waiting a couple minutes.

Very odd. This is actually my first post over here for quite a while.

Since jumping to… Hubitat.

System is working absolutely beautifully. Which, as anyone can easily verify, I could not say when struggling with my ex samsung hub.


oh… well my motion lighting pistons (haha) are all set to wait for inactivity, and THEN after so many minutes turn off. They still don’t work. They worked smoothly and reliably on smartthings.

Strange, you could be getting interference on your network. If I were you, I would turn on logging for your problematic pistons and see what it says. Also check your Hubitat logs for warnings and errors. One of my new S2 Z-Wave devices was causing all kinds of issues until I excluded it and joined it in insecure mode.

Edit: Another thing to check, if you have any outlets or switches with energy monitoring turned on, try disabling it. If you aren’t using it, it can add a bunch of unnecessary traffic on your network as well.

I don’t need to turn on logging for my pistons when I know the issue is hubitat not accurately reporting the state of devices. If webcore isn’t receiving information in anything approaching real-time, it cannot execute properly. Also, logs from hubitat showed zwave errors consistently. There were two zwave nodes not connected to a device that were failing and causing the network to hang. I was unable to remove these devices, despite hubitat staff suggestion (try to trick hubitat by rebooting and immediately attempting to remove the node). This has recently been resolved by rolling back my hub firmware. And yet, problems persist. No energy monitoring.

It used to be a solid platform, but they released the C7 way before it was ready and they’ve made a lot of platform changes for the C7 which ended up breaking a bunch of the drivers…

I wouldn’t recommend anyone moving to Hubitat until they get their sh!t together, but it will probably become stable again eventually.

One huge benefit to Hubitat is that the updates are optional so I haven’t updated my C5 hub in about 4 months and everything is still working perfectly.

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I recognize this user name I think I use a few of your device handlers lol. On that note I appreciate that you agree. I feel like a lot of people have told me both here and there that it must be my fault, rather than accept it is, currently, a bad platform.