Dome Z-Wave Plus door sensor

When I try to add the Dome Z-Wave Plus door sensor using the normal method. ie: Add new device, Dome, open/closed sensor. It always appears as a motion sensor instead of a door sensor. I can change it to a Z-Wave Plus Door Sensor in the IDE but it looks strange in the app with the temperature and battery not showing up and reporting correctly. I’ve added the Dome device handler from their code and can change the device in the IDE so that it now appears correctly in the app. Using the first method the device shows local control but with the Dome device handler is shows as cloud. I guess my question is since Dome is listed as officially supported shouldn’t is just work without having to install a device handler from code?

Dome may be supported officially, but that specific device may not be. The models will vary with what’s officially supported. Also, supported sometimes means basic functions.

It could also be possible to configure the device with the cloud DTH and then switch it to something else local that has the same capabilities. That’s a guessing game to find the right device, though.