Dome siren


I’m looking to create a virtual switch that can silence our siren when we open and close doors? Currently it’s set to “ding” when doors open and close

However recently I have had some early morning flights for work and when I leave the “ding” sends our dogs into a frenzy.

Is it possible to create a virtual switch that temporarily disabled the siren? Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

Then I could build a “restore” into all my automations so it only stays off until the next action change.

Let me know


As others suggested, there are two ways of doing it.
First is use the powerful CoRE with “if… and if… then” syntax.
The other is to create a “Dumb” mode for your home and exclude that mode for all home automation, leaving only manual operations working just like normal home.

hey is there instructions on how to execute each of those?

You can simply search CoRE for how to use this powerful thing.
To create a new mode other then Home/Away/Night you can go to