Dome Siren SmartApp - Help needed

I’ve created a MyApp to use the DomeSiren as a chime for door contact sensors. I’m able to get the different bells and chimes going, but not able to control the volume. I based this off the “Speaker Notify with Sound” template. Any ideas on what to change?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,



preferences {
section(“Select the Door Chime device …”) {
// Select the Dome Chime
input “domesiren”, “capability.musicPlayer”, title: “Select the speaker”, required: true


// Event Handlers
def contactHandler(evt) {

def message = "Chime2"
def volume = 100
state.sound = [uri: "Chime1", duration: "10"]
domesiren.playTrackAndRestore(state.sound.uri, state.sound.duration, volume)


The Dome siren isn’t a typical speaker. The volume is only set by the device settings.

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