Dome DMS01 / Zooz Zse33 - Discontinued?

Hi all

Based on tons of posts where people have great success with these chimes/sirens, I’m wondering why i can’t find it anywhere…? Are they both discontinued…?

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Yup… TheSmartestHouse sell them both - as refurbished though…
I was wondering why these devices wasn’t produced anymore, when there still seems to be a demand for a simple chime/sirene device…? :slight_smile:
Bad/flawed design, unsecure, instability…?

We replaced the Smart Chime with the Zooz MultiSiren ZSE19 but Dome still manufactures theirs, it’s just been on back-order for a while. We hope to get it back in March.


The ZSE19 is a pretty nice device (but be warned, the ability to upload custom audio requires a Windows system to run their special app).