Dome DMEX1 Range Extender/Repeater device handler?

I am very new to smartthings and am slowly building the devices inside my home. I wanted an extender for my hub to reach the other end of my home, bonus points that the one I found had a nightlight built in because my kids bathroom was the perfect mid position in my home for an extender. Unfortunately AFTER purchasing I found that the Dome DMEX1 is somewhat unsupported by the company. There are several device handlers floating around for Dome products but I cannot find a good source for a device handler for the DMEX1. Does anybody know of one?

Just connected one last week. I just used the hander that came up as default ‘z-wave range extender’. Seems to work fine. Picks up my detached garage contact fine now.

Where did you find that handler? And did this allow you to change the light brightness also?

I just paired it with the hub and it automatically connected. Do a search for the manual. There are settings for the light.

The device only supports the switch binary command class so all you can do is turn the led on and off.

The device doesn’t have any configurations parameters and it should be fully functional with one of the built-in z-wave switch handlers so there’s no benefit to using a custom handler.

No brightness adjustment. Choices are on, off, night light-comes on when dark

The device has a button and if you press it a certain number of times it will disable that night light feature and you’ll be able control it like a switch in SmartThings using one of the z-wave switch handlers.

@krlaframboise and @paul42 please forgive me because I’m very new to smartthings, but from the user manual found in this link (under the heading Resources): it has some advanced settings that make it seem like there some additional settings available if you know what you’re doing. After reviewing it seems like it’s just on/off ambient light thresholds and not light intensity though

I wrote a handler for this device on a different platform and those configuration parameters didn’t appear to do anything so I asked the manufacturer about them.

They confirmed that those configuration parameters don’t do anything for the production model and said they shouldn’t have been included in the manual.

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Thanks for the follow up @krlaframboise!

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Huh, last time I added it to my home it showed up in the smartthings connect app as a z wave switch. I disconnected and re-added and it showed up as a Dome Z Wave Extender this time shrug

So are you trying to accomplish something that you can’t do with either of those handlers or …?