DolphinAttack - home assistants can be exploited with hidden commands


As the author says, “the potential here is nevertheless frightening and something that should be addressed early on”. I suggest contacting me via PM, immediately so I can give you my address to ship your sleeper cell army of voice assistants.

I have 4 echo’s and 2 google home devices. I unplugged them 3 months ago. They literally started babbling non-sequitars when there was total silence in the house. 4am in the kitchen making coffee and my google home spoke. I almost jumped through the ceiling! My echo has always been nutty responding to things that didn’t remotely sound like it’s trigger word. I liked having them but you know, since unplugging them, I don’t really miss them at all.

Assistants would never be biased. They’re just innocuous little brainwash devices.