Doing math without coding? ( complex conditionals)

So I am brand new to the community and am only 3 days in with my ST hub and trying to learn how to use it…please forgive any ignorance.

I am struggling to find a way to set timers and do simple math with stringify or IFTTT. For example, I would like to set a condition for my ecobee4 thermostat and remote sensor that has the following conditions:

  1. If the ambient temp outside is greater than 80
  2. If the calendar months are between April-October
  3. If the room temp (ecobee remote sensor) reads higher than 83
  4. Than run the AC until the (remote sensor) room temp is 80
  5. Else operate AC unit off of the average of the thermostat and maintain the set-point of 80

So I am sure that this is possible with custom Groovy apps and whatnot, but I was hoping to be able to chain all of these permissives and outputs into a simple IFTTT app that would take me 5 min to configure…perhaps I misunderstood the commitment to the community and need to adjust my expectations :wink: Please don’t nit-pick my example…I haven’t really thought about the proper way to accomplish my task…it was mainly for example of a complex IF/THAN/ELSE statement with some average and compare functions.

I guess my ultimate question is: “Is Stringify, IFTT, or any other web/app based option able to do something like this, or do I need to start reading Groovy tutorials?”

Check out webCoRE!

It does everything you are trying to do and much more. It is the rule engine to rule them all.


Thank you for the tip…I will look it up now!