Does this exist? Control water on hose

Hey everyone. Every year my family goes down to the coast for a week for the 4th. Las year we started gardening and let’s just say, people are not dependable.

I have a plan for watering with a soaker hose but would like something that will let me turn the valve on and off. I can’t switch out the actual valve on the house.

Wondering if there is anything I can put in love to turn it on and off?

Sure, there are several made just for this purpose. What country are you in? The device selection does vary somewhat.

Also, There’s also one made for HomeKit, so if you use Apple devices, that’s an additional option although it doesn’t work with smartthings. But it’s been very reliable at our house. :sunglasses:

This is the one we use with HomeKit. We have two of them, and they work very well, but there’s no smartthings integration unless you were using homebridge. Super easy set up, you just screw it onto the Faucet and then screw the hose into the other side. (It’s battery operated.)

Alternatively, some people just get a regular dumb electrically powered valve control and plug it into a smart pocket socket. But that is more setup work than the ones that are specifically designed to control a hose.

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I am going to go out on a limb and guess you live in the US since you referenced “the 4th”. :grin:

The faucet is wifi so you can use their app or:


Yeah that would be an option too but the availability of power isn’t great. We are in a rental so can’t change that. I’m in the US. And would like to be able to just connect it directly to ST.

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Perfect. Do I need the wifi adapter with it or just the rain guage?

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Please note: the item listed above only allows monitoring through ST …

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Oh yeah. That doesn’t work then…

Sorry, I should have pointed that out. If you want to make changes, you must use their app.

The device on right plugs into an inside outlet nearby and connects to internet. The device on left is what attaches to hose bib and is battery powered. I believe that they talk to each other using Bluetooth.


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So then. There isn’t anything that will work with Smartthings?

Bhyve works with Alexa, so you can create a partial smartthings integration that way.

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

we use the dumb electric water valve with a power adapter plugged into a smart plug.

this can be a great DIY project that is fairly easy to throw together.

you can customize it all you want, like writing a watering schedule to shutting it down when rain is detected.

just keep in mind that these water valves that suddenly shut off can cause a shock to your water pipes, sometimes making them rumble. there is a air gap that can be installed under a sink.

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Technically yes there is, but it’s hard to find these old Orbit valve times that worked with Iris and ST.

Orbit Bhyve’S ALEXA Integration only can control ONE hose bib device! If you have several, like we do, the voice integration is really not applicable! I was not happy that Orbit could only develop an integration for ONE hose device since they advertise Alexa & Google Integration!

I am close (maybe a few more weeks of my testing) to releasing a separate RaspberryPi Node Docker instance that one can install along with the Orbit Bhyve Controller that will allow hose device control (On/Off) from SmartThings! One must still setup the zones, watering schedule, weather, smart watering parameters in the Orbit OEM app, but SmartThings can activate a zone/device based on a home automation event. Stay Tuned!

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I have an issue with the water valve in my backyard… it leaks and I’ve tried to repair it many times it still leaks. So, instead of turning off the outside “round handle” water value I turn off the valve for this unit in the house…which is actually for me in the garage. I have an attached garage. But I’m absent minded at times so… I added this device to the valve in the garage. This water valve is just for the backyard faucet…

and I use webcore to automate it as I need. Don’t know if you have the same indoor valve as I have but this work well for me. I also have this type of valve on my main-water incoming supply and lots of water leak censors as well. You can use this zwave device to automate your watering as long as you have this type of valve indoors to the water supply and it doesn’t require ANY plumbing. It’s simple to install.

Or find it cheaper at the smartest house with the Memorial Day sale…


Would it be possible to connect this to a splitter of some type to feed two separate soaker hoses?

Or, I guess I would connect this at the house, then my regular hose, then a splitter, then the two soakers?

It maybe overkill for you but there are several full blown smart garden irrigation systems available. I believe the following can be linked to Smartthings either via official app or by user written ones.

Both of the above are US products and sadly do not have official EU distribution.

There is (for others) the Gardena product but there does not yet seem to be a Smartthings integration although you could use IFTTT. Ironically this product might not be as easy to get in the USA.

Hi @jelockwood,

Don’t forget about Spruce. They have a SmartApp and DTH’s for their controller, your zones, and their moisture sensors. Works great with ST, including Automations and Scenes. I’ve been using their stuff since they were first released and couldn’t be happier.

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Thanks I had not come across Spruce because it seems they are yet another one that is not available in Europe. Looks good though.

Shame it does not support HomeKit like Rachio and RainMachine and Gardena.