Does the Zooz plug report actionable energy usage in the new app?

Do custom device handlers still work with the new app? I am looking to add a Zooz plug to trigger events based on power draw, which I believe will require a custom handler, but not sure it can still be done with the classic app being done.

Some do, some don’t, it depends on exactly how they’re written. Which specific Zooz model are you trying to get to work? They have updated most of their DTH to work with the new V3 app, but you may need to change to a new one.

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Haven’t purchased one yet. Just starting some research. Am looking into this one:

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Almost all of Zooz products will work great on ST without a handler but if you’d like to access some of the advanced settings, you’ll need to install the handler. All of Zooz custom handlers have been updated to accommodate the new app, including the latest version of the ZEN15 custom handler available here. Zooz is our in-house brand so feel free to reach out with any follow-up questions!

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