Does the Smartthings Wi-fi V3 Hub support custom smart apps?

Just wanting to check.
I currently have a US smart things V2 hub which I use with webcore for more customized automation’s.
I’m setting up a security system for a friend and have found that my local electronics store now stocks the Smartthings WiFi V3 hub (
I am wanting to know if this WiFi hub still supports the, so I can install custom smart apps like webcore.
Live in Australia.

The hub supports everything the V2 hub and ties to the same exact back end. The biggest difference is that you must use the new app to set up the v3 hub. If you prefer after setting up the hub you can use the classic app to manage it.


At this point, the new app can do 95% of what the Classic app can, including installing custom Groovy smart app. I’d try To stick to the new app as much as possible.

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