Does the Smart Lights solution wizard have "dim with me" capability?

Does the new solution module “smart lights” have a “dim with me” feature?

If not, how are we supposed to have one dimmer follow another in the new mobile app? It looks like most of the previously-approved dimmer smart apps have been removed from the marketplace.

Yes, it does. You specify that you want to Turn On and Dim some lights, and the trigger is a switch, that you select.

OK, that actually answered a different problem that I had. :sunglasses:

The option to use the lighting wizard to set up a quote “dim with me” scenario will only appear if both the master and the slave are identified as dimmers in the device type.

During the migration, my Zigbee plug in dimmers were misidentified by smartthings as smart outlets, which don’t have a dimmer capability. And I didn’t catch it until now.

As soon as I changed the device type, the dimmer options appeared in the lighting wizard.


I see “turn on and set level” (see screenshot above), is that the same thing?

And does that mean when I just change the dim level on the first switch it will change the dim level on the second one? Or just that it will come on at a specific setting?

Yes, Turn on and set level. It will turn on at the selected level, all of them will. I don’t know what happens if you change the level at the switch, whether the others follow or not (my guess is not).

Ahh, of course, my own lighting app does this. You can change any of the dimmers in a room and all will follow suit within a handful of seconds.

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Right, as do several of the other custom smartapps (Dim with me, Dim and Dimmer, etc) that’s one of the specific features people were looking for in the new smart lights wizard, but I don’t see it there.

I’m still using “Dim with Me” because I was unable to set this up in the new “Smart Lights”

Not surprising! ST doesn’t put all of the features people want in for three reasons: (1) extra options clutter up the app and make it harder to use for most people; (2) doing the “dim with me” function isn’t trivial, it takes some care to implement; (3) guys like me need something to do :grinning:

Actually, their implementation is clearly oriented towards a specific switch to be the trigger (master). So they probably don’t subscribe to device.setLevel for any of the lights. They could, and then they’d have to implement the “with me” logic also.