Does ST v2 have non--volatile memory?

I just got out of the hospital after 2 weeks and found that the wife unplugged the ST hub to make room for a stupid LED xmas tree. When I plugged it back in, all programming was lost. Had to use the welcome code to get it going again. I did find that the batteries also were dead. Most likely it was not AC powered for at least a week or more. I have 60+ devices; secure locks, scenes, routines, motion detector, smartapps, sprinklers, remotes, smoke & carbon alarms, switches, lights, hubs, garage doors, repeaters and sensors. Some stuff is tucked into hard to get places. I have to now re-pair everything? That is insane. I now feel like taking this complete load of garbage ($$$$) and throwing it all in the trash. This will take me days and days to get done. Why would a system like this be designed so poorly? No consideration for backup/restore, and no NV storage? If I knew these things up front, I would not have invested thousands into this garbage.

I see only a little talk on this, no one else has had this happen?

This is one of those situations where it would have been best to contact customer support (or here) before nuking everything. More than likely you were just looking at an extra location that was caused by your account migration to a Samsung login. All your device and automation information is stored in the cloud, not on the device itself.


It’s true there’s no back up/restore function, but, as @prjct92eh2 mentioned, taking the hub off of power shouldn’t harm anything because your account information is stored on Samsung servers in the cloud. (And there is also a local memory inside the hub for zigbee and zwave devices which are attached directly to it). It’s quite common to take the hub off of power when you are rebooting it, or when you are moving to a new home.

So as was suggested, start with support. But you shouldn’t ordinarily have to rebuild anything in the situation you are describing. You may have to change a couple of settings on the account to make sure you are pointed to the right information.

Unfortunately, if you used the welcome code again, you might have factory reset the hub in which case you will have to rebuild the networks from scratch unless support can work some magic.

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Hi, thanks for the response. You are making a bad assumption that I nuked anything. This is not true. I am not new to gadgets like this at all. Far from it. When I first went and looked at the smartthings site it showed the hub with my devicehandlers only. No devices were listed on the web site at all. I did not mention it, but I did check this first. When I accessed it with my phone app, it would only give me this welcome code screen. I never took any action to reset anything.

Additionally, never changed any login or account info at all. both my web access and phone auto-login, and have for a long while.

well that’s good. Hopefully you didn’t re-enter that welcome code. When you login to the web IDE and click Locations, how many do you have?


I’m not sure what happened to your info but my entire system was unhooked and boxed up for 6 months while I moved cross country. All devices and automations were intact when I reinstalled everything in the new house. I don’t believe your bride pulling the plug was the cause of this issue.


Which model hub?

It is a v2 hub. Ya, after further reflection I know had nothing to do with power on the device, still my account was cleared of any devices whatsoever. But since I can not go back in time, I will not be able to put all the pieces together to learn exactly what it was that happened. I will be more careful before I do any welcome code again. I think the lack of any warning that this will wipe out anything existing really sucks. But, I am going to put this issue to rest. I do really thank everyone for there attempts at help. Nice to see that this community responds timely, and with good feedback. That is just great! I am going to take an “issue” and turn it into a upgrade: ET-WV525KWEGUS, the 3 piece router and ST mesh hub. Make it work the work. Any suggestions would be appreciated! :slight_smile: