Does ST support any old style locks (pictures included)?

(Ian Cremona) #1

I am not allowed to post images as a new user, please remove line breaks



(Andrew Urman) #2

Can’t say I’ve ever seen a connected lock like that

(Geko) #3

How 'bout old lamps? Any chance this works with SmartThings?

(Ron S) #4

Holy Cra#, @geko. You just made my Monday morning! :slight_smile: That belongs to a museum. Back when we are kids back in India, we used to call them hurricane or a lantern and it had to be fueled with kerosene oil. And believe me they still exist as main power source in some remote villages when the electricity goes off.

(Chuckles) #5

I’m still trying to get my camera connected. Maybe the new Premium Service with its DVR capabilities will be the missing piece from this perplexing puzzle…

(Chuckles) #6

I know that SmartThings supports it as a platform (see proof below). I just can’t get the photos to turn up in the app…can anybody help?

(Andrew Urman) #7

poor @iancremona :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ian Cremona) #8

:smile: that made me laugh too. But seriously though, I have a place in Austria and another in Malta that have the same type of lock. Unfortunately, since I am a new user in this forum I am not granted permission to post photos of the actual locks.

The exact term for the lock type is Nightlatche

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(Ron S) #10

@chuckles Soon… Q2. You heard it at the CES address. Premium subscription is the key to all the camera to dvr integrations.

(Ron S) #11

@urman It is connected via screws. duh…