Does ST support any old style locks (pictures included)?

I am not allowed to post images as a new user, please remove line breaks



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Can’t say I’ve ever seen a connected lock like that

How 'bout old lamps? Any chance this works with SmartThings?


Holy Cra#, @geko. You just made my Monday morning! :slight_smile: That belongs to a museum. Back when we are kids back in India, we used to call them hurricane or a lantern and it had to be fueled with kerosene oil. And believe me they still exist as main power source in some remote villages when the electricity goes off.


I’m still trying to get my camera connected. Maybe the new Premium Service with its DVR capabilities will be the missing piece from this perplexing puzzle…


I know that SmartThings supports it as a platform (see proof below). I just can’t get the photos to turn up in the app…can anybody help?


poor @iancremona :stuck_out_tongue:

:smile: that made me laugh too. But seriously though, I have a place in Austria and another in Malta that have the same type of lock. Unfortunately, since I am a new user in this forum I am not granted permission to post photos of the actual locks.

The exact term for the lock type is Nightlatche


@chuckles Soon… Q2. You heard it at the CES address. Premium subscription is the key to all the camera to dvr integrations.

@urman It is connected via screws. duh…