Does "Speaker Notify with Sound" support dynamic custom message?

Does “Speaker Notify with Sound” support dynamic custom message?

I would like to set it up where my speaker announces which door opens/closes.

Instead of creating a speaker event for each door, would it be possible to pass the device name as a parameter/variable?

Is this something that CoRE supports?

This is fairly straightforward in Core. You want to create a Simple Piston like this:

You can also take a look at BigTalker, it can pass a variable and speak the names of your different devices.

Thanks. I was looking for a way to do it in CoRE. The example you provided is pretty straightforward.

Thanks for the info. I will implement in CoRE, but will keep Big Talker in mind.

Just curious, how did you create the list variable? I couldn’t find it in CoRE

You have to turn on expert mode under settings. Then in the If… menu you can create a variable that is assigned the triggering event’s name.