Does some use Ecolor Life App ? I got it several days ago

Ecolor Life is an App to bring you the pleasure of smart light by managing your LED devices via Bluetooth. With the Ecolor App, you can easily organize your strip lights in your home and no matter how many lights you have,you can control them at will. Also owning the App, you can get fast and efficient customer service, making your life smarter and more convenient.

How the App Works

1.Download “Ecolor Life” on your mobile phone
2.Turn on the Bluetooth
3.Connect device via Bluetooth, then you can manage the lights in seconds
The APP supports IOS and Android systems

二维码 app下载

What does that have to do with Smartthings?

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It can control bulbs and strip lights in your home via bluetooth

So nothing.

I have starting using it and I am trying other features ~

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