Does 'App Cloner' Android App work with SmartThings Mobile App, SharpTools, Tasker, etc?

In my V1-to-V2 hub migration, I just had a thought…
If it’s possible to use the Android app named App Cloner to run multiple copies of these apps on a single Android device, perhaps I can simplify one part of the process for myself (i.e. I’ve chosen to bring the V2 hub up as a completely separate SmartTHings instance, and have both up and running while I gradually migrate devices from the V1 environment over to the new V2 one).

Does anybody here have any knowledge about or experience with this Android app (or any other that can do the same kind of thing)?

p.s. It’s no big deal. If I can’t get them all duplicated on the same Android device, I will be OK with managing two phones for a while for the sake of doing this migration the way I want to.


Sorry to take this off topic of “App Cloner”… but

What do you mean by “separate SmartThings Instance”? Do you mean a separate SmartThings Account?

Why not just use a new Location under the same Account.

I can’t think of any benefits to using a new Account.

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Um…OK…my dense is probably kicking in again lol

So, can I manage two different primary hubs in two different locations in the same account in two instances of the SmatThings Mobile App on two different Android devices?

Somehow I guess I thought I needed to have them in different accounts to make sure it’s all separate.

I don’t have a problem doing it either way. I just want to make sure I keep them separate.


You just can’t run multiple SmartThings Apps on the same device without some magic (app cloner?).

So using multiple Locations under the same Account gives you the advantage of not having to logout / login to switch hubs.

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Thanks, Terry. :slight_smile:

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