Does anyone have an edgedriver for Tuya TB26-4 & TB26-3?

I bought Zemismart 4gang wallswitch(TB26-4) and 3gang wallswitch(TB26-3) on Aliexpress, and I couldn’t find those drivers.
Dose anyone have a deriver for them?

Device Info
Manufacturer: _TZE200_shkxsgis
Model: TS0601
FingerPrinted_EndPoint. Id: 0x01
App Version: 0×46
ZCL Version: 0x03
Network ID: OxA4B9
Zigbee EUl: A4C138CFEF5F0F51
Device ID: 39a223d9-9c4a-4670-9151-13c54477792
Server Cluster:
Ep: 0x01={
0004,0005,EF00,0000 }
Client Clusters:
Ep: OxF2={ 0021 }
Ep: 0x01={ 0019,000A}
Signal Metrics:
LQI: 255 … RSSI: -57 dbm

Thank you.

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