DOA smartbulbs. Is this common?

For some reason Amazon opted to ship one bulb separately from the other 8 I am expecting. All Phillips Smart+ A19 dimmable cool white.

Pairing went perfectly but it wont light up. I checked to see if it was dimmed, but it wa at 100%…

Is it common for smart bulbs to be DOA?

Are you sure it is a Phillips bulb? Smart plus is a trademarked name of the Osram/Sylvania line.

If you can, post a picture of the bulb showing the model number.

Like any electronics, smart devices may have a small percentage of defective items in any production run, but it would be unusual for a Phillips hue.

When you say pairing went perfectly, are you using the hue bridge with these if they are indeed Phillips? If so, do they show in the Phillips app?

And always remember the first rule of home automation: the model number matters.

Good catch it was Osram Sylvania.

Same bulbs as before, straight into the ST hub…

Just no light. Never had a bad LED before… Yeah any mass produced item can have a defect it’s just a bit of a surprise is all…

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