Do you want to tweet device activity?

If you do, send me a PM and I’ll give you a SMS phone number to use. I also created a project that you can look at to see how this works. Look here:

Everything posts to @mysmartthings on twitter. Should be fun.


PM headed your way :slight_smile:

@Twack Is there an easy way to append this to all the other apps to tweet for events? I believe I can figure it out but if there is a standard block of code that can be added it would simplify my reverse engineering :slight_smile:

Scott <— not a developer but can cut and paste with some basic editing skill

personally I use a service called that supports tweeting events (almost instantaneously) … See my code here:


I was just posting an easy way for people to tweet device activity to one place “@mysmartthings”.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you follow one twitter handle and watch devices from all over the world doing their thing? I had an old google voice account I used to use for faxing. I don’t use it anymore so I rigged it to tweet. I will hand out the number to people that PM me so all you have to do in the app code is:

sendSms(PhoneNumberFromTwack, “My #smartthings device just poured me a drink. WootWoot”)

Anyway, the more options we create, the more value we bring :slight_smile:


Wait 'till I hook up my 16 station smart sprinkler controller or the in-process 64 station smart contact sensor control