Do you reboot your hub(s)?

Just curious to see if any of you reboot your hub(s) on a regular basis? Just checking if maybe it helps with refreshing the smartapps that are not firing or thinks it has fired (and showing on the app as ON) but the actual fixture/lamp is not on.

Yesterday, it was unusually dark in the living room. One lamp shade did not turn on but the app shows it did, my aquarium light did not come on but app shows it did.

I had an issue with things not working yesterday too. This all comes back to everything working in the cloud and not on the local IP.

I also noticed that the SmartThings clouds has been flaky in the past week or two, including the brief outage on the 19th. It usually manifests as SmartApp events not firing and the errors are silent, i.e. no error message or email from ST. I am wondering if they are aware of these reliability issues, or if we should get in touch with support.

Also, you typically don’t need to power-cycle your hub. Things will automatically start working again. You MAY need to “updated” any SmartApps, which may have failed to schedule new event handlers during the outage.