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Do you guys use virtual switches for groups of lights?


I don’t know for sure if this will help but Alexa Helper can create stateless virtual switches.

(John) #22

So you have a few options:

  1. Use Alexa Helper as stated above, more specifically, the ‘Alexa Switch’ as your virtual switch. It is stateless and therefore it will always send whatever command you ask it to. If the command is “OFF” but the switch is already off, it sends it anyway.

  2. Stop fragmenting your deployment. Either stick to using virtual switches for control or stick to using bulbs. By you trying to mix in both, you’re creating this sync issue. Within Alexa, you can tie the VS to the “Living Room Lights” group instead of the bulbs. Then Alexa and Routines are using the switch. In this case, everything is in Sync and will cause you less headaches.

  3. Get rid of the Virtual Switch and just define the bulbs for your routines as you are doing with the Alexa app.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #23

@adawalli I have to agree with @Jnick, especially point 3.

Reading through this again I think I understand what you’re doing.

This is what I recommend…

1- delete the virtual switch.
2- in the Alexa app create a group, name it kitchen lights. Put both of your lights in this group and click save.
3- in the ST app, in your bedtime routine add both lights to the turn off section.

Now, Alexa can control the bulbs individually and as a group. You just say, Alexa, turn on kitchen lights. Everything in that group will turn on.
Your bedtime routine will now turn off both kitchen lights.

(Adam) #24

The stateless alexa switch is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you all!

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(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #25

Will you explain why you need a virtual switch for third? I’m just trying to figure out why you are adding the extra steps.

(Adam) #26

I wanted the virtual switch because I have a button on my harmony remote that would turn on both lights at once. Originally, this virtual switch was also used for my night time routine. I have mostly moved the virtual switch out of the mix as you folks suggested, but the alexa switch does do what I had originally wanted.

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(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #27

Ahhhhh got it. Thanks! I appreciate the clarification.