Do WebCore and SmartThings Connect Play Nice Together?

Sure, lots of people do that.

The most common reason is that anything which is simple enough to do just with the official smart lighting feature and is eligible to run locally will often be used by people who want the advantage of local Execution. That way if the SmartThings cloud does become unavailable, the lighting still works.

And then anything which is too complex for the official feature get done in webcore.

There are other people who prefer to only use Webcore just because it simplifies the way they think about their setup, and because they like the fact that webcore has the ability to backup their rules, which the official feature does not.

So it’s just a matter of your own preferences and goals. As long as you don’t have two rules trying to do two different things to the same light at the same moment in time, like one setting it to 50% and the other setting it to 100%, it should be fine. :sunglasses:

You might also find the following FAQ of interest (this is a clickable link):